Take Action: VOTE!

The Take Action...Vote! Objective

Granted as taditional Americans, the majority of us usually only vote during the general elections, but We The People need to cherish our blessed right that billions, regardless of sex or race, have suffered and died to attain for We The People. As it continues, many of us will voice our opinion to our government by again disregarding the elections. This is not the solution. How does someone know what you really are disappointed about if you don’t tell them?

The Take Action... Vote! videos are designed to Remind, Educate and Encourage Voters, in a non-partisan delivery, the importance and power of voting to our various generations, particularly the Millennials. We need to remember that the Millennials and Centennials, have never experienced the repression for voting; hence they do not comprehend the power this right holds.

The Take Action Vote organization seeks sponsorship, for the weekly productions and marketing of Take Action...Vote! campaign R.E.E.V. (Remind, Educate and Encourage Voters). The informative productions will commence upon obtaining sponsors and continue throughout Election Day, November 3rd.

We at Solution One Media Group are a professional video productions company and have been producing professional videos since 1997 and worked with various political and community figures like David Reece, Mayor Hazelle Rogers, Patrick Jabouin, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, and former Senator Chris Smith to name a few.